Nesting Box


Our Vision

Our vision is simple. Good, wholesome food bringing people together over shared meals and making healthy food accessible and fun!

We hope yo provide this service as a way to bring life-giving, plant ingredients directly to your door. Simple, delicious ingredients that are just as nourishing as they are pleasing to the palate.

Let us shop for you and taste and see how good this lifestyle truly is!

How it Works:

Getting direct access to organic, plant-based groceries has never been so simple.


1. Check out the weekly grocery list

Each week, we will fill the boxes with a recipe card and all kinds of plant-based goodness including our house-made meats, cheeses and small-batch pastries.


2. Email to Order

Pre-order the box(es) that work(s) best for you or your family no later than Friday at 3:00pm. (Send orders to



3. Wait for Your Delivery

Orders will be delivered the following Wednesday between 10am and 6pm (unless otherwise specified).

Coming Up Next Week

Check out what’s inside our weekly box and get those orders in!

Sweet Pastry box

Cinnamon Rolls, Rice Krispy Treats, Donuts

$30 | small (pick 6; serves 1-2 )

$40 | medium (pick 8; serves 2-4)

$50 | large (pick 10; serves 4-6)

Savory Box

Tuscan Kale Tortellini Soup, Vegan Steak, , Smoked Gouda, Cashew Caesar Dressing

$40 | small (pick 2; serves 1-2 )

$60 | medium (pick 4; serves 2-4)

$80 | large (pick 6; serves 4-6)

*Note* special pricing available for those in need